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Attend a university in Malaysia for a very low price and earn a degree or diploma

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edX, an online learning platform, offers high-quality courses from some of the world’s best universities and institutions. Learners everywhere can access a wide range of courses, empowering online education both in the classroom and globally


온라인 학습 플랫폼인 edX는 고품질의 강좌를 제공하는 일부 ...

Udemy is a prominent global online learning platform, established with the mission to improve lives through learning. The platform hosts over 210,000 courses spanning diverse subjects, including business, technology, arts, personal development, and more.


Udemy는 유명한 글로벌 온라인 학습 플랫폼으로, 다음과 같이 설립되었습니다.

Udacity is a global, online, lifelong learning platform connecting education to jobs. Udacity works with industry leaders to create project-based online learning programs. These unique collaborations ensure that students learn the technology skills that employers value most.


유다시티는 교육을 연결하는 글로벌 온라인 평생 학습 플랫폼입니다...

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