We Don’t Just Talk About Practical Education, We Live and Breathe It Each Day With Our Students

Joined with Erican College in the same location, YES International College specializes in technical fields. Students will experience refreshed courses that have been heavily scrutinised and modified by our independent industry panels. You can be sure that our students are being taught the latest industry knowledge as recommended by their future employers.

Industry-focused Teachers Who Have Achieved Success in Business as Well as the Classroom

Our teachers are all working professionals in the fields they are teaching. Our students have access to the latest industry knowledge and contacts so they are job-ready when they graduate.

Proven Pathways to Getting Jobs. Sometimes Even Before Graduation

YES graduates consistently find work in some of the most interesting jobs available in the market. Sometimes they are snapped up while they are still studying.


We give our students a very different take on education with maximum class sizes of 20 people. This intimate learning environment means each student is given plenty of personal attention and the maximum opportunities to reach their goals.

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