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About Class Coupon

Educational coupons, promotional codes, and study abroad assistance

Education on sale with discount class coupons from weeks to years in various subjects at universities and language centers, ready in seconds.

Class Coupon is a Singapore-based, American-owned business which allows students to register for a variety of classes online or onsite in East and South East Asia. The idea of Class Coupon is to make learning more convenient by providing lower prices and easy apply forms for multiple subjects, including Business, IT, Marketing, and Foreign Language. We are connected with language centers, academies, and universities across Asia and the West.

Not only does Class Coupon provides education on sale with discount class coupons in various subjects, but we also make it easy for teachers and students to travel abroad for work or education and have an abundance of clients traveling around Asia and the West. We also provide travel and housing information, and have knowledgeable agents ready to assist travelers, students, and teachers anytime.