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Preply is an online learning platform that connects students with tutors, primarily focusing on language learning. Our mission is to make learning as convenient, affordable and enjoyable as possible. We believe that the most effective learning happens with a certified tutor and we enhance that human-driven experience with smart tech solutions,a value-adding complement to live learning. Since partaking in the Techstars Berlin accelerator program in 2015, our team has grown to almost 300 Preplers and witnessed a tenfold increase in revenues, attracting high-profile angel investors and VCs into seed funding.

Invest in Your Language Learning Journey

We believe learning with a tutor is life changing. That’s why we match online tutors from across the globe with learners, and empower them to create personalized live language classes with tools and learning materials. This is how we deliver progress, create engagement and keep our learners motivated. The platform offers personalized language lessons in over 50 languages, utilizing a sophisticated machine-learning algorithm to effectively match students with the most suitable tutors based on their individual learning needs and preferences.

Preply’s mission is to make learning languages convenient, affordable, and enjoyable. They believe that the most effective way to learn is through live interaction with certified tutors. To enhance this human-driven approach, Preply integrates advanced technological solutions, creating a value-adding complement to live tutoring. This approach has led to a significant increase in user engagement and motivation, contributing to the company’s impressive growth and success.

Since participating in the Techstars Berlin accelerator program in 2015, Preply has experienced a tenfold increase in revenues and attracted high-profile angel investors and venture capitalists for seed funding. This financial backing has supported the company’s expansion and continuous improvement of its platform.

In addition to its core offerings, Preply has partnered with Class Coupon, a platform that provides discounts and promotional codes for various online services. This partnership allows Preply users to access discounts and special offers, making language learning even more accessible and affordable. Through Class Coupon, learners can find promotional codes that reduce the cost of Preply’s services, encouraging more people to take advantage of personalized, high-quality language education.

Preply’s combination of live tutoring and smart technology solutions, along with its commitment to affordability and accessibility through partnerships like Class Coupon, positions it as a leader in the online language learning industry.